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What happens when you type `` and press enter?

A tiny elf collects all the letters in your search bar, runs to Iowa/Georgia/Belgium and asks very nicely for the answer. Answers are very big and sometimes sticky, so he puts them in a wrapper before he gives them to you. Then he runs back to your computer and your computer unwraps the elf's gift. Nice!

What is the difference between the `rest` and the `spread` operator in JavaScript?

The `spread` operator clones an object/array. The `rest` operator spreads an indefinite number of arguments into an array inside a function. They look the same. I will forget this.

What is a curried function?

A curried function takes multiple arguments one at a time. Think about how you make API calls using Redux...(what the thunk?)

Cómo se dice `lulo` en inglés?

Pronounce it `lew-low.`

What are Parent and Child properties in CSS FlexBox?

It's time to learn about CSS preprocessors, but instead you will overuse the following three FlexBox properties: `flex`, `justify-content` and `align-items`.

What is meant by `lifting state up` in React?

Sometimes state has a bad day, so we bring it snacks and write it a little card so it knows it's appreciated.

Why do dogs eat their own poop?

Nobody knows. This is sad.

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