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stuff i wrote

Triple Step Recursion Problem

Sorted Merge Problem

JavaScript's Three Dots: Spread Operator vs. Rest Parameters

A (Very) Beginner's Guide to Webpack

Replace Redux with React Hooks

stuff i read

Uncanny Valley by Anna WienerOff the Clock by Laura VanderkamIn the Dream House by Carmen Maria MachadoUno siempre cambia al amor de su vida by Amalia AndradeLas batallas en el desierto by Jose Emilio PachecoTiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl StrayedThe Bilingual Brain by Albert CostaAppalachian Reckoning by Anthony Harkins and Meredith McCarroll

coding resources

CodeNewbie — An international community of people learning to code.

EM vs REM vs PX – Why you shouldn't “just use pixels” — Simon Willans

Designing for accessibility is not that hard — Pablo Stanley

A Complete Guide to CSS Grid — Frontend Masters

Flexbox Cheat Sheets — Ali Spittel

What does [1,null,2,3] mean in binary tree representation? — Leetcode

How to Check for Null in JavaScript — Derek Austin

8 Unfamiliar CSS Pseudo-classes — Frontend Dude

Beginners' Guide to Fetching Data with AJAX, Fetch API & Async/Await — Abejide Femi Jr.

Every Layout: Relearn CSS layout — Heydon Pickering & Andy Bell

Inclusive Components — Heydon Pickering

How to Contribute to Open Source — freeCodeCamp

30 Seconds of Code — Short code snippets for all your development needs.

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